Textron Trust Accounts out of Balance - American Iron Horse

Former American Iron Horse dealers have been served with lawsuits for selling bikes out of trust by Textron. Many dealers were financially hurt when bikes were sold far below dealer cost into their market areas. These bikes were allegedly owned by Textron, but were sold direct to the public at fire sale prices. After this many dealers voluntarily gave back their bikes after not being paid for warranty work and not receiving rebates from AIH. As bikes were returned they were sold at even lower prices resulting in dealers who had to sell their bikes at $10,000 or more below their cost! Now, Textron has filed suits for deficiencies balances and for bikes sold out of trust.

Currently Affinity Law Firm is investigating these allegations and determining if their are causes of actions for former AIH dealers.

Many former Iron Horse Dealers have contacted us regarding what options they may have. If you are a dealer or know of one who has been financially damaged and wish to discuss this please contact us at 904.398-9510.

Textron Information Form

Please use this file if you were a American Iron Horse Dealer and are now in a lawsuit with Textron.


Textron American Iron Horse Lawsuit Action

Textron has filed suit against many motorcycle dealers throughout the nation for their accounts being out of trust. These lawsuits have many things in common as many dealers have the same allegations and defenses; that Textron controlled American Iron Horse, Textron sold bikes acting as a wholesale to the public dealer, and Textron participated in unfair trade. These common allegations have caused Affinity Law Firm to begin to quickly investigate these claims and determine if a Federal cause of action exists which would allow dealers to combine resources to battle this large financial company. If you are reading this blog and wish to help our investigation please feel free to e-mail me at gsarris@affinitylawfirm.com. Also attach any information that is important and I will review this personally. Thank you.

- Gust Sarris, M.B.A., J.D.
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Jacksonville Loan Modification and Bankruptcy Alternatives

As a Jacksonville attorney I often see clients who have come to us to late to help. It is both scary and frustrating for the person who now faces loss of their home or possessions. TIME is not on your side!!! You need to seek out help as soon as you know you are in trouble.

At Affinity we can modify your loan terms. This includes interest reduction, extend the repayment time, and even negotiate to get those missed payments put on the end of the loan. This can help to decrease or eliminate the late payments which affect your credit score.

We have assisted many client in renegotiating those high credit cards balances and interest rates. Help is available but all too often it is too late when we see a client.

I urge anyone who knows they are in trouble to come in and see us. Also avoid anyone with a paper sign on the road. Most of these companies are nothing but scams and use disposable phones as their business line. Good luck and I hope this blog post helps people to know that ignoring the problems is the worst possible thing you can do.

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