Textron Trust Accounts out of Balance - American Iron Horse

Former American Iron Horse dealers have been served with lawsuits for selling bikes out of trust by Textron. Many dealers were financially hurt when bikes were sold far below dealer cost into their market areas. These bikes were allegedly owned by Textron, but were sold direct to the public at fire sale prices. After this many dealers voluntarily gave back their bikes after not being paid for warranty work and not receiving rebates from AIH. As bikes were returned they were sold at even lower prices resulting in dealers who had to sell their bikes at $10,000 or more below their cost! Now, Textron has filed suits for deficiencies balances and for bikes sold out of trust.

Currently Affinity Law Firm is investigating these allegations and determining if their are causes of actions for former AIH dealers.

Many former Iron Horse Dealers have contacted us regarding what options they may have. If you are a dealer or know of one who has been financially damaged and wish to discuss this please contact us at 904.398-9510.


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