Hurricane Dorian Storm Damage

Many people will have a potential insurance claim for storm damage so what should they do? 
  1. Stop additional damage from occurring if possible. You have a duty to act reasonably to prevent additional damage and the insurance company will assist in paying for this. There are companies like Service-Master that may be used as well.
  2. Read your insurance policy. Often the way a claim is worded may mean you do or do not have coverage. For example if your house floods and the water came UP it may have to be covered by flood insurance. If the rain came DOWN it may be your homeowners insurance. 
  3. Determine your deductible and if it is worth a claim. Hurricane deductibles can be a percentage of your home's replacement cost. This may mean you don't have enough damage to receive any benefit from an insurance claim, but it will count against you! 
  4. Consider talking to a professional before signing contracts and finding out you may have given away your rights. Be especially careful if you are requested to sign an "Assignment of Benefits" call an AOB. This means you are definitely having the repairs done by that company. An attorney can evaluate your deductible and based on what damages are present determine if you should file a claim. They can also assist with the review of any contracts. 
  5. Make your claim. Many insurance policies will not accept a late claim. 
  6. Lastly make sure if you do this on your own that you pay attention to anyone who sends you a "Notice to Owner" This means someone is telling you they have an interest in your property and it is your job to be sure they are paid. Failure to do so means they can lien and foreclose on your property. For instance if the shingle manufacturer send you this notice before final payment is made to the roofer. Make sure the company is paid. Otherwise you are responsible for that invoice! When in doubt talk to a professional.


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